How Dancehall, Reggae, and Hiphop Influences Society and History ? Have a Look

June 30, 2021
How Dancehall, Reggae, and Hiphop Influences Society and History ? Have a Look

Music has the greatest influence on the world, its culture, and its heritage, irrespective of the genre. It can be Dancehall, Reggae, and Hiphop. Do you want to learn more? Then stick around till the end of the blog.

Hi, music lovers, hope you are doing all. I usually write blogs about different music genres and their influence. Today, we will check out how these genres have influenced society. First, we will start with Hiphop.

This genre was born in the 1970s and has collected the characteristics of several existing music genres. It is a melting point of music and cultures, and so everyone seems familiar with the elements of a Hiphop beat. The beat will constitute the five main elements of the genre (DJing, rapping, painting graffiti, dancing in a particular style, and being conscious of the surroundings).

Now, you will hear many people saying that Hiphop exerts a bad influence on society. On the contrary, it has created several positive impacts, and we will discuss each of them:

The music speaks volumes for people who are unheard of.

A Hiphop artist always tries to mention the people and the community that is under-represented, and unheard. It is a way of channeling their feedback, thoughts, frustration, and hope, and reach across the masses. The message can be about social, legal, and humanitarian issues, political ones, and even religious concepts.

These songs portray volumes of creativity, and they know how to twist and turn the power of words. Many people are inspired to write poetry after listening to this music, and they have come up with marvelous ideas. Many faculties use this music to instigate inspiration among the pupils and showcase their creativity.

This music can provide a sense of stability (something that we all need) in these uncertain times. We know that any music follows a particular pattern, and Hiphop does it more often than others. This characteristic is the reason many people consider it quite mature, and dependable.


According to many mental health practitioners, counselors, and therapists, Hiphop allows patients to communicate what they are feeling. We all know that certain issues cannot be discussed openly especially with strangers. There’s a chance of being shushed out, and the result is people end up bottling their feelings. This is never a good sign, and it must be avoided at all costs. This genre is the perfect way of doing that.

As mentioned earlier, this genre discusses the harsher realities of life, and what people experience in their daily lives. Those people will be closer to an invisible force of music. Apart from that, it can play an instrumental role in empowering groups, and people worldwide.

Some will say that the songs are always brash, glorifies crime, and violence. Well, there are ones that fall under this category. But now, some artists are coming up with positive and influential lyrics of all time. You must hear these items out to decide for yourself.

Here is some more information on this genre for yourself:

  1. It is one of the popular music genres listened in worldwide (almost 95% consumption rate)
  2. People love to listen to these songs on different streaming platforms rather than downloading or purchasing albums (the actual figure is close to 98%)

These two figures alone state the popularity of this genre. Now, we will discuss Dancehall music. In the past, the music has received some strong backlash due to the misogynistic lyrics, and the depiction of graphic violence. But, now the situation has changed, and the artists are creating strong lyrics that have an overall positive impact.

In many ways, this style is supporting several local communities to become economically, and financially independent. Also, it has a broad appeal, which means people from around the world visit the country for different World music festivals.

Dancehall played a crucial role in creating an environment of peace throughout the country. It was a rough scene in the past, and now you will be surprised to see the advancement. No, of course not everything is right, but it’s getting better. Some say that it has created a roof over the disturbed youths of the country.

Many youths have started singing these songs and found their way to financial freedom. So, yes, it has some cons, but we cannot ignore the pros too. It has gained a reputation internationally and has gifted us with some unique voices. If you are a dancer and a fan of loud music, then this is the perfect choice for you.

The last genre is Reggae, which is probably one of the most influential music genres in the country’s history. We can contribute the origin to Ska, Mentos, and other classical forms. The form usually takes after the African influence rather than the European styles. Therefore, it’s more offbeat, downbeat formation of drums, etc., and these are the elements that make it a separate genre.

Reggae is a little bit slow (ska is quite fast), but it precedes Rocksteady. Therefore, if you are a fan of something slower, then this is the best one. Like the other two formats, Reggae has also created a massive influence on Jamaican culture. We will see lyrics regarding crime and violence, but now it’s much tamer.

It has helped communities thrive in unpleasant situations, and come up at the top. It has discussed different topics that are relevant to society and established a channel to use rage into creativity. So, despite all the allegations, these three music streams have a lot to offer, if we see their past contributions.

This is the wrap on the discussion of music and its influence on the culture, youth, and society. It can be seen that the positives outweigh the negatives, and it’s not a good idea to focus on the latter. My name is Abby Dallas, and I was discovering this fact along with you.

I am a Female Caribbean Artist, and I dabble with Reggae, Hiphop, and Dancehall, when I am on the stage. I perform in different areas, and I would love your feedback. What are your thoughts on the matter? I would love to hear in the comments.

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