Hiphop in Its Many Forms and Shapes

July 4, 2021
Hiphop in Its Many Forms and Shapes

What are the sub-categories of Hiphop? Are you eager to know them? You will get the information here.

Like any music genre, Hiphop originated from a humble background. The first instance of Hiphop was seen in the Bronx, around the 1970s. Now, this was a historically active time, and the Black community was suffering from severe socio-economic issues.

Government schemes for them were non-existent, and even if they were, they were inaccessible. To voice their opinion, and tell the facts about their situation, black artists started rhythmically saying verses over the beat. Later, this was categorized as rapping.

At the grassroots level, Hiphop became extremely popular within the USA. Not only the Black community, but white audiences became a fan of it.

But it was restricted within a particular geographical area. It was later commercialized, and then it gained a reputation internationally.

By now, Hiphop has become a category among the World music scene. Artists all over the world produce many songs and albums that created ripples in the music industry and society.

The purpose of this genre is mainly to give a message or be an eye-opener. But the focus does not shift from entertainment too.

Do commercial records make the genre more business-like? Does it deter artists from singing their hearts out? Although there are a few people who will concur with this, I do not.

We have seen and heard a Hiphop beat that expresses concern about different societal situations. But there’s not one example, there’s several.

It started its journey as a spokesperson for the Black, but now it has evolved into something more. It now speaks for any oppressed class, people, and community around the world.

It became a path for young people to channelize their energy constructively and an earning mechanism. And it is like that from the very beginning.

During the initial phase, people were unsure about the genre’s success. Even a Hiphop artist singing the song with all his/ her heart thought it will be gone like a fad. Half a century later, it is still growing strong, so it has to mean something, right?

Often you will hear a common critique of the genre: it’s violent and sexist. Well, that’s the old formula, and remember things were different back then. Things that we consider bad now, wasn’t considered as so. And well exceptions are always there.


Even now, some songs follow this archaic rule to create an artistic effect. It does not necessarily mean that the artist or the label believes in this stuff. But, people are becoming conscious, and to honor it, musicians are creating conscious music too.

Abby Dallas Black

We have discussed some Hiphop styles in a previous blog. We have had fun doing it, that’s why we are coming back to a second edition.

First up, we have Grime. It is electronic and electrifying, and upbeat. But the wordings are somewhat harsh, even harsher than the normal songs. Grime did not originate in the USA, rather it started its journey off from the UK.

For this reason, many are hesitant to classify it as Hiphop. But there’s no reason for this hesitation. For one, we can easily see how the US style has been incorporated, and it follows the five principles of the Hiphop.

The sub-genre is originated from the Black community in the UK, and it speaks about different issues. So, yes, it’s Hiphop. Modern artists may diversify, and it’s ok because the original style has been modified by artists and music gurus.


We have probably talked about Gangsta Rap before. Horrorcore is a sub-genre that explores even darker subjects and usually combines supernatural elements with it. These songs are often described as absurd due to their nature. However, an artist can express his liberty and artistic freedom through this work. Some songs also depict a person’s inner turmoil when they are battling with gr issues, such as diseases, depression, injuries, and death.


The name sounds fun, don’t you think? That’s because it is fun, the songs usually depict a funny side of the style. The goal is to make fun and create humorous lyrics to provide fun. Have you ever seen a funny, energetic, bouncy kid hopping across the floor? Hyphy is just like that.

Jazz Rap

One of the iconic sub-genres to date, Jazz Rap is for people who know how to have fun. It has combined the elements of both these genres and vibed with both the older and the younger generations. Some experts say that it has revived Jazz a bit because this old genre was slowly dwindling at the time Jazz Rap was born.

Latin Trap

Another popular sub-genre, Latin Trap, has singers singing songs in the Spanish language. But that’s not it, it also combines styles from Reggaeton and other music styles.


This subgenre signifies Hiphop in its elementary form. Most listeners might not have heard this style, as the name suggests. But it’s worth it.

Rap Rock

This style is made famous by several rappers (the legendary rockstars). The main feature of this style is heavy-sounding guitars. It’s a culmination of two genres again (rock and Hiphop).

We need to pay homage to the classic styles too. So here they are:

  • Gangsta Rap (one of the classical Hiphop forms)
  • Frat Rap (used in frat parties)
  • Emo Rap
  • Drill
  • Crunk
  • Cloud Rap (Abstraction is key here while choosing the soundtracks. )
  • Boom Bap
  • Backpack

Do you love listening to Hiphop? Then you will find this article interesting. I certainly enjoyed exploring these concepts with you guys.

I love listening to and singing Hiphop songs. I also like to consume and produce Reggae music songs,and Dancehall.

Music is the best way of releasing stress and enjoying life. You don’t have to specifically stick to a particular style, as long as you are happy, you are set. Sing your favorite songs and your mood will be instantly uplifted.

Which artist do you listen to? What is your preferred genre? Sound off in the comments.

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