What Should You Know About Hiphop Beat Making?

September 4, 2021
What Should You Know About Hiphop Beat Making?

HipHop is a genre we are all already familiar with. Some may not like it, but they cannot say that they haven’t heard any HipHop beat. But how do artists create these beats? The answer is complex, yet interesting to listeners and budding artists alike.

We artists are taught from a very young age, are taught to work on our vocals, that’s true. But even before that, we are taught to hone our listening skills. The listening skill will help the artist understand the elements, and how to utilize them.

A talented musician must know which elements to use when coming up with a new tune. For this, artists are asked to create a folder, or library containing different samples, or favorite songs. The samples must contain enough snares, shakers, 808s, percussion, one-shots, and much more.

The second part to do is to understand two elements, kick and bass. These two are the ones that are most prominent in this genre, as many genres.

The frequencies must refrain from contradicting each other. Proper measures must be taken to avoid that in any audio signal. There are multiple ways to achieve this, you can see numerous tutorials on this subject.

But we are giving a little hint of the subject. A method known as stock compressing can be used on an audio track, with a sidechain element.

When the right one is selected, the bass will be adjusted (volume), and it will kick the ‘kick’ in. The track must be quite speedy, and the ratio can be customized accordingly, such as 2-4 ratio.

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The general rule is the kick must be short to make room for strong sub-bass.

The focus must be on hi-hats, as they are the main concepts. Today’s Hiphop songs contain 16th note patterns of hi-hats. This makes the songs more catchy, groovy, and more offbeat. Of course, a HipHop artist canuse32th, 8th, or any other combination.

Triplets can also be used here with proper arrangement, and settings. It’s not easy to do that, but with the right mentorship, it can be done.

Another thing you should know is 808 saturation. This is the thing that makes the songs pop out from the laptop speakers, and can be achieved through different measures using saturation techniques.

If we see that in a computerized form, it will look like a sine wave with low frequency. Saturation is a must in these sections, which is really about adding different harmonics to make it enjoyable, strong, and energetic.

Artists may use saturation on the return stream.

Simplicity is another core factor that influences Hiphop. Hiphop songs are the ones with catchy tunes and simple lyrics. These made the songs memorable, and people can remember them even after a long time.

And other artists can borrow the track to use it on their songs, or rap. So without making any fuss, an artist can achieve all these things.

The best way is to go with drums initially. The number of drums doesn’t matter, but try to stick to one or two. Also, not too many elements in the mix will overcomplicate the matter. And always try to work on the bassline to make it prominent.

You can listen to Hiphop songs to understand these concepts. The best way is to check out the popular songs to see patterns.

And we are not just saying about listening only, but to see what they are doing. In some songs, certain patterns make much more sense, and it includes silence. By checking them, you can gather a basic understanding, and create stunning song interfaces.

It can help you in the journey of becoming a singer, songwriter, and music producer. There’s no better way than to exercise, and practice. Of course, let’s not forget to analyze these masterpieces, as they can answer crucial questions.

Ears can be your best friend and instrument you can ever possess. And it will help you in your learning journey; ask any professional. As a Hiphop and Reggae music artist, I can attest to it myself.

The aim is not to use quantization overzealously. It can make the songs less humane, and this is not the end goal.

The flow must be constant, and the rhythm should not be broken. There are several ways to ensure that, and soften the blow in certain cases. Sometimes, percussion elements can add an element of surprise to the table.

As mentioned here, triplets can be used too. However, they can be used as a transition element. Melodies can be used to shorten the procedure if something is not striking you at the moment.

Both free and paid elements are available for artists to use and get inspired from.

If you want to start your journey, then check out the most interesting samples online or offline. Go through the best and most unusual places. It’s necessary to work with an open mind.


The problem is to maintain the minimalistic nature of these songs. Also, getting rid of elements can be quite difficult. If you are in this stage, think of the song looks good with it, or without it.

Hiphop songs can be oddly relaxing, and inspirational. Some of them consist of wonderful placement of snares to provide a feel-good ambiance. In some cases, reverbs, and melodies can be used in the background of these songs.

HipHop is one of the genres that attract the most attention from viewers. It is one of the most downloaded genres too, and the same thing can be said about streaming services.

The list of artists can be endless, and not one that is predetermined. I will talk about the ones that helped me shape my career in my later blogs.

So guys did you hear any new songs? Tell me so that I can check it out, and say my opinion about it.

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